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For those who have been following us since the early days, you may know that Hyper started as two open source projects: HyperContainer, which pioneered the territory of virtual containers, and runV, the hypervisor-based equivalent of runC. The combination of sub-second boot performance and VM-level isolation enables a new wave of container native cloud infrastructure, such as

Since day one, these projects have aimed to be vendor neutral, supporting multiple hypervisors (KVM, Xen, VirtualBox). Today, we are happy to announce the new v0.7 release of runV and HyperContainer, bringing them to more platforms:

  • x86
  • ARM64
  • Power
  • Mainframe (s390x)


  • More platform supports: s390x, ppc64le, and arm64
  • VM Template: faster boot performance (130ms) and less memory consumption (save 80MB per pod/VM, #415)
  • Improve gRPC APIs.
  • Improve streaming IO (attach & exec) for containers.
  • Many other fixes and improvements


  • Support system arch s390x and ppc64le (#312)
  • Support system arch ARM64 (#360)
  • Enable VM template for runV and runV-containerd, which improves the boot performance to 130ms and reduces 80MB memory consumption per container. (#303, #304)
  • Enable CNI, OVS and improve the networking configurations. (#286, #307)
  • Add QoS Control for network interface. (#331)
  • Allow one volume to be mounted to multiple mount points of one container. (#329)
  • Improve streaming IO for containers
  • Move dependencies from Godep to vendors
  • Many other fixes and improvements

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The Team
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