Introduce Pi - Expanding Serverless Container Platform to Google Cloud

We are very excited to announce Hyper Pi platform! Our new serverless container offering with a native Kubernetes API interface. You will now be able to take advantage of advanced features of Kubernetes right from Pi.

Since we launched our serverless container offering 2 years ago, a lot has developed within the industry. We have seen the dramatic rise of containerized workloads taking over the cloud ecosystem, and at the forefront of this seachange has been Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration platform.

While our customers love the simplicity and ease of use that our current Docker-native platform brought in getting their containers up and running quickly and efficiently, there has been a growing number of our customers asking for more advanced micro-service capabilities provided by Kubernetes. Our Pi platform delivers these advanced capabilities along with the same great features our customers love like:

  • Serverless Container
  • 5-second Provisioning
  • Persistent Volumes
  • Built-in Load-balancer
  • Per-second Billing

Also, Pi platform is a strategic step closer to our goal of a multi-cloud serverless container solution. We are initially launching Pi on Google Cloud, with the intent over the next year to expand the platform to AWS, Azure and other major cloud providers. Our customers will enjoy the ease of serverless containers, with the single standard workflow of Kubernetes, and the breadth of deploying containers to any region on any cloud!

Want to try Pi now? Enjoy your access here: