Hyper.sh now generally available with incredible new features!

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The Hyper.sh Team


First of all, we’d like to thank all our beta users for taking part in the Hyper.sh public beta. Over the past few months, we have received tremendous feedback from you, and we are really grateful!

Docker is a revolutionary idea. Being application-centric, it disrupts our imagination of IT infrastructure, and Hyper.sh is started with the idea of container-native cloud. Now, we are now very happy to announce that Hyper.sh has come out of beta and is now generally available!

Below are the incredible new features that we’ve been working on.

Port Mapping

You can now specify which ports your containers should expose to the outside world.

Roadmap, Documentation


Deploy your Docker compose files in Hyper.sh!

Roadmap, Documentation

Container Preload

Preload data from your local machine or remote git repository to running containers in Hyper.sh.

Roadmap, Documentation

64MB Container Size

Combine the new 64MB container size with our per-second billing to open up entirely new possibilities for your applications!

Roadmap, Documentation

Load Docker Images from archive file (on S3)

If you prefer not to use the Docker Hub, you can now load from archive files.

Roadmap, Documentation

We’d like to thank our beta users for the continuing support and we hope that you will enjoy these new features in the new Hyper.sh. It is our mission to make running containers in production effortless.

Please stay tuned on Twitter as we continue to add more exciting features and if you have any questions you can always contact us through the Hyper.sh console, Hyper.sh forum, or on support@hyper.sh.


The Hyper.sh Crew

The Hyper.sh Team
On-demand Container, Per-Second Billing