New Features: June 2017

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Two heavily requested features released

Load local images onto

A lot of users have been asking about how they can ‘pull’ images from their local machine directly to

To solve this issue we have extended the functionality of hyper load so you can now load from STDIN, a local tar or a local image.

Load image from STDIN: (similar with push, only upload the diff)

$ cat helloworld.tar | hyper load

Load image from local tar archive file: (similar with push, only upload the diff)

$ hyper load -i helloworld.tar

Load a local image: (similar with push, only upload the diff)

$ hyper load -l helloworld:latest

Check the full docs here:

Print view for invoices

Slightly less spectacular but still very important, many users wanted a specific print view for invoices, so we made one. :-)

Check it out in the console:

As always, Happy Hacking!

The Hyper Crew