Farewell from Hyper Crew


As of Jan 16, 2019, we have officially shut down the Hyper.sh platform.

Over three years ago, we set out to create an open secure container-native platform. We believed that containers represented a sea change in how software would be developed, deployed, and maintained.

Along the way, we created one of the first container-native cloud offerings, the Hyper.sh platform, which utilized our open source technology, called runV, which last year was merged with Intel’s Clear Containers project to become Kata Containers. We’re proud of the platform we built, and the influence we have had on the overall container industry. We are even more grateful to you, our customers, who have deployed hundreds of thousands of containers and built out new businesses on our platform.

The Hyper.sh platform, while trailblazing, is not where Hyper’s future efforts lie. Moving forward, Hyper is focusing all our attention and efforts towards the upstream Kata Containers project.

Thank you for your business and support of our platform. It has been a privilege to serve you.


The Hyper Crew